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 About copyright laws and more - please read this first

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PostSubject: About copyright laws and more - please read this first   Sat 21 Jan - 19:07


It's quite easy to think that most of the files running on the net can be shared, picked up and used at will as they are on free access.
As a result, the concept of "intellectual property" doesn't seem to make sense anymore...

Although, we must always remember that any intellectual work, whether it's on the net or not, belongs to its creator until he decides to give up or sell part or all of his rights on it. Only dead artists' artwork can be freely reproduced, as it's considered belonging to the public field.

Therefore, please remember that all of the original material posted at the Eye and the Hand forum is considered the property of the author of their post. In accordance:

Exclamation No post may be used, published or reproduced elsewhere, in any other format, without the explicit written permission of the author of the post.
Exclamation None of the original material posted here may be gathered or compiled for further publication or reproduction of any kind without the expressed written consent of the authors.

You would certainly be unpleased to find your work on the net without your agreement, so don't do it to others.

That's also the reason why you will find here very few of VM's artworks. Those who want to see them can purchase VM's books from, Viggo's own publishing house. The price of the books is quite fair given their high quality.

May our humble reflexions be a way towards a better understanding of Viggo's art - and, who knows? art in general-, and give all Viggo fans the desire to go further into the fascinating world of this great artist.

Sincerely yours I love you,

Explorez la raison qui vous commande d'écrire; examinez si elle plonge ses racines au plus profond de votre coeur; faites-vous cet aveu: devriez-vous mourir s'il vous était interdit d'écrire?
- R.M.Rilke
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About copyright laws and more - please read this first
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